MacGourmet 4.2.1 for Mac OSX has been released

I am delighted to announce that Mariner Software has just released MacGourmet Deluxe 4.2.1 for Mac OSX. MacGourmet Deleux has important bug fixes for and feature enhancements available in this latest release.

Mac customers with active support entitlements can upgraded to MacGourmet Deluxe 4.2.1 the next time they launch MacGourmet.  Gourmet 1.1 for iOS is under active development at this time and should be released shortly.

Change Log For MacGourmet Deluxe :

4.2.1 MacGourmet Deluxe – September 6, 2015

  • Updated the web site importer to support additional sites.
  • Fixed a printing display bug introduced when the font slider was fixed in 4.2.
  • Fixed an issue in the Help menu when accessing the Knowledge Base.
  • Fixed several small bugs in the web importer.

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Four months as a Mariner Software Affiliate

Back in mid March of this year I signed up as a Mariner Software Affiliate and after a couple days Teresa had me all setup and ready to go with my new Affiliate Account and discount code along with some graphics from the internal marketing department. In the beginning, I must confess that I got off to a very slow start and just posted on my personal web site about my discount code and then shared that post on my Google+ account. One of the reasons for my slow start was because I was in the middle of building my house and other obligations that life has set out for us.

So after that first post and share I didn’t do any further work on the program until around mid July, this is when I started to have some additional free time to devote to my back burner affiliate program here. To be honest I was actually a little surprised after asking for my sales numbers from marketing and being told that I had actually racked up 13 sales from that first initial post.

And this got me to thinking, “Geez what would my sales have been if I had been actually continued working on my affiliate program? I could possibly be the Donald’s running mate.” Joke!

So with my current sales in mind and additional time there was but one thing to do, right? Get to work and and see if I couldn’t improve upon my sales even further.

I currently have an account on nearly every social media network as well as a few blog accounts. So to start with, I posted a blog post about Mariner Software products. This way I could then link back or share on my social media accounts. I also started posting in Mac-centric forums and sharing my discount code that was provided to me. This way people interested in purchasing Mariner products could use my coupon code and save 25% off their new purchase. I then also linked those post back to my original web site post.

The reason being is that I want to build a structure so I can facilitate the search engines of each of the social networks and then the broader larger general search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. That way I would have everything seamlessly going in one general direction with the hopes of sales resulting from a good stable structure. I personally believe building a successful affiliate program is like building a house, we need a strong stable foundation to build upon then have a building plan for the structure itself.

After Googling for a few hours and finding some nice Mariner Software reviews from review sites I posted about those reviews on my own site with links back to the original post. This helps the initial reviewer get additional traffic and SEO benefits but I added in my affiliate code and discount to the bottom of each post, So its a win win for everyone involved. These post were also shared on my social media accounts and after about three weeks I could actually start to see my own SEO payoff.

By The first week of August I checked back with marketing once again to see if my post were effective and if my marketing strategy was starting to pay off and produce sales. Once again I was pleasantly surprised that I had by this time increased my sales to around 5 to 6 sales per week. This is great because it had only been three weeks since I had actually started seriously working on my affiliate program.

This past week was another busy week for me and I didn’t get much accomplished on my Affiliate program. Fortunately, this is one of the really nice benefits of affiliate marketing. We can work on our program with as much or little time as we want without having the stress that’s involved with a hourly or salaried position. Sure a guaranteed paycheck is nice but as a part-time way of making a little extra income, its hard to beat getting payed doing the things we really enjoy in life without any additional stress.

Another good thing about this strategy is that if I’m busy one week, my post from previous weeks are still generating clicks and potential sales. As time goes on and as my post count grows, the residual income becomes a little more secure. It’s like getting payed in the years to come for the lean times now while working on gaining our initial following.

In closing, I hope to see more affiliates in the coming months because there is alot of room on this huge internet for all of us to have fun and earn some extra money while sharing great software with our current and future friends.



MacGourmet Deluxe 4.2 has been released

Yesterday we released MacGourmet Deluxe 4.2 which fixes the import issue we have had for several weeks. I won’t go into detail on what a massive undertaking this was (in a nutshell, MacGourmet is now parsing the data from recipe web sites _within_ the app opposed to using the third party software), but needless-to-say, it taxed our resources. For this version, there are only 20 or so sites in the Recipe Import Assistant that are supported but we will be adding more over time (the supported sites now are the most popular so it’s likely your favorite site is listed). Here is the official bug fix list for 4.2:

-Updated web site import to use internal code. This replaces the deprecated/terminated online app.
-Added latest nutrition database, fixed a number of display issues in nutrition view.
-Updated preferences pane.
-Fixed a display issue with the font slider control, added help tag.
-Fixed a display issue with the List Editor with Yosemite.
-Fixed a bug using 2 finger scroll in Chef view.
-Fixed a crash when printing Beer Notes. Added several printing templates.
-Fixed a crash when printing Cheese Notes. Added several printing templates.
-Fixed a number of typos and small bugs.

Moving forward, we will be adding this new code to MacGourmet 4, both the Mac App Store versions, as well as Gourmet for iOS. All of this should be complete shortly.

One caveat to this new web import functionality is that older versions of MacGourmet/MacGourmet Deluxe (pre-MacGourmet and MacGourmet Deluxe 4) rely on the online code that was shut down and unfortunately can’t be salvaged. We tried to come up with an alternative to this issue but being that the previous 3rd party source is no longer, there really wasn’t an option. If you have a pre-MacGourmet/MacGourmet Deluxe 4 version and wish to use the new web import feature, you will need to upgrade to MacGourmet Deluxe 4, which you can do on our web site.

As a side-note, if you are running the Yosemite OS, we strongly encourage upgrading to MacGourmet Deluxe 4 (whether we had this import issue or not) as Version 3 is no longer being developed and isn’t completely compatible with Yosemite.

Thank you for your patience with this issue.

Michael Wray
Mariner Software

You can use any of these 4 coupons in Mariners online store and save between 5% and 25% off the retail price of new purchases or one of the 5 pack bundles.

TOMW = 25% off Any New Purchase And 5 Pack Bundles
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