Putty for Mac Beta testers wanted

We need new Beta Testers! Do you want to enter in our Beta Tester Program? Here’s what you got:

  • Early access to Putty for Mac builds
  • A free copy of the final release
  • The opportunity to be part of the actual development team

If you want to join the Beta Testers Program all you need to do is to apply. We currently need Beta Testers who run Mac OS X 10.9.x , 10.10.x and 10.11.x we have 10.12.x mostly covered but are willing to accept a few more additional testers.


To apply send a e-mail to¬† ( putty4mac at gmail dot com ) in the Subject line put “Beta Tester” and in the e-mail it’s self let us know the version of OS X that your running, your level of experience, programming knowledge.

Applicants should be proficient in running applications from a terminal, programming experience is a huge plus but not a requirement.

Putty for Mac volume discounts now available

We have had a couple large organizations ask us about volume discounts for Putty over the past couple of weeks. So as of today we have implemented volume discounts in our store on FastSpring. Volume discounts start at 5 licensees and go up to 100 the discount increases in tiers.


Putty for Mac 7.5 is now available in the store, we are doing a soft release over multiple sites at this time. A release post with the full change-log will be posted here on Monday April 3rd 2017.

Putty for Mac version 7.5 status update

We are now working on version 7.5 of Putty for Mac and have made some major progress the last month. We have added a installer so you can configure the install location, We now have Pterm included and working, We have fixed a large number of icon rendering bugs, cleaned up theme support, fixed a couple dynamic lib linking bugs, fixed a crash in Browse, fixed the SSH drop down menu, So SSH key authentication will once again be vastly improved over the current version. Version 7.5 should be released next month, until then here is some screenshots of our internal build.

Our PuTTY Installer


Pterm now runs


Putty Icons


Main Putty configuration window






If you would like to support our efforts please go to our online store located here and make a purchase.