WineTricks has seen a massive amount of improvements this year

WineTricks has seen allot of development recently, some of the notable changes are better IE 8 support, MetaTrader 4 support, Kindle improvements, Russian translation, A new self update function and a massive amount of other fixes and updates. The full changelog sense February 2016 and August 2016 is provided below with a download link to get the latest release.

Winetricks is an easy way to work around problems in Wine. It has a menu of supported games/apps for which it can do all the workarounds automatically. It also lets you install missing DLLs or tweak various Wine settings individually.

It can be used via gui or commandline, whichever you prefer; the commandline mode is particularly useful as a building block in fancier wine frontends and in automated regression testing.

The latest version can be downloaded here

Changelog between 20160724 and 20160802

add win2k8/win8/win81/win10 verbs

Changelog between 20160219 and 20160724 fix for Debian’s python-magic fix path to pgp signature file
test cleanups
opensymbol: update to latest
add win2k8/win8/win81/win10 verbs
winetricks: add initial embedded wine cmd support
tests: add some TODOs
tests/winetricks-test: avoid backtricks (“), use $()
winetricks: get rid of backticks(“), use $() instead fix typo
tests/winetricks-test: add some basic .verb tests
README: add some .verb documentation
winetricks_handle_options: alphabetize case list
src/ fix path to
src/ specify the GPG key to use
src/ create local signed release tarball check in script, authored by Joseph Bisch
wmv9vcm: new verb
w_get_sha1sum(): only try to verify sha1sum for actual files
winetricks: miscellaneous spelling updates
winetricks: Add separate override just for d3dx10_43
kindle: update to version 1.16 (build 44025)
kindle: Fix bug reference number
winetricks.1: Change strings to proper case, wine to Wine, etc
w_try_ar(): use 7zip as a fallback if ar is missing
7zip: update to latest release
opensymbol: restore J flag to tar
w_try_ar: should be w_die, not w_fatal

winetricks: add a w_try_ar() function, give better warning if ar is missing
Override more vcrun2015 dlls for 32 bits prefix Fixes #650, tested with Python3.5.exe, on both 32/64 bits, wine 1.9.8/1.9.11.

w_wine_version: support wine-1.9.x
Update ev3 verb
adobeair: remove extra space in metadata
mt4: do not use checksum for mt4setup.exe which may change
winetricks: update Ukrainian translation allow overridding version
Update control
foobar2000: update to v1.3.10
update src/ for github releases, also now updates manpage
update manpage
Makefile: update copyright
Makefile: winetricks now uses git, not svn

winetricks: remove python26_comtypes / python26_setuptools broken, old, and not actively supported upstream

winetricks: print winetricks and wine version in winetricks_init()
add .gitignore
jet40: restore original url
cmd: revert back to a URL (really,
xna40: add Louis’ workaround from bug 30718

Self-update functionality for winetricks.

– With this patch it is possible to use “winetricks –self-update|–selfupdate” to automatically update the script with the last online version. Also, it is possible to rollback an update by running “winetricks –update-rollback”;
– Added checking to avoid running the command into dev versions of winetricks;
– Added message for users who run unprivileged and do not have the proper permissions to update winetricks.

w_download_to(): fix aria2c torify support
winetricks: add -t/–torify support
mt4: new verb (Meta Trader 4)
windowscodecs: initial 64-bit esupport
vcrun2015: also extract api-ms-win-crt-conio-l1-1-0.dll
vcrun2015: warn about win7 mode installations failing
winetricks: improve aria2 support (fixes 612)
winetricks-test: xna40 now completes without an error dialog
Makefile: default to a 32-bit prefix if WINEARCH is not set
emu8086: update download URL
ev3: add -q support
winetricks: introduce W_UNATTENDED_SLASH_QB to unify /qb handling
ev3: update download URL
xna40: needs dotnet45, not dotnet40
vcrun2003: fix url
winetricks: check each test scripts dependencies before running any tests cleanup temp files after running
baekmuk: update URL and some cleanups
opensymbol: update URL to jessie (stable)
openwatcom: update URL
kindle: needs taskset -c 0, not vcrun2008
shockwave: update sha1sum
ie8_kb2936068: exit code 194 is not an error
Preliminary Russian translation By Artem S. Tashkinov
A real albeit untidy help page the old redirect is hard to swallow
ie6: make ie6 an automated download again
w_download_manual_to(): verify sha1sum of manually downloaded files
ie6: use $W_PACKAGE instead of hardcoding
ie8-kb2936068: rename to ie8_kb2936068, avoid warning on OSX.
ev3/ie8-kb2936068: minor cleanups
ev3: new verb
ie8-kb2936068: new verb
cmd: update download URL
kindle: update to version 1.14.43019


Wine Staging 1.9.6 has been released with Vulkan support

We are happy to announce the release of Wine Staging 1.9.6. This version adds support for Vulkan and fixes for various other bugs.

This release adds a first version of a Vulkan wrapper to make the Vulkan API accessible to applications running in Wine. The work was started by Erich E. Hoover and later finished by other Wine Staging maintainers. The code translates the Windows specific surface extensions to the corresponding X11 / XCB extensions and passes the remaining functions on the host Vulkan library. Although this seems to be an easy task on first sight, there are various pitfalls that make this wrapper more complicated than you might think. While the Vulkan API is almost binary compatible in 64 bit (except the differences in the calling convention), properly translating Vulkan calls on 32 bit turned out to be a bit difficult.

The biggest problem on 32-bit is caused by alignment differences when using 64 bit integers in structures. On Windows a 64 bit integer is aligned on a 8 byte memory address, while compilers on most other systems only align them on a 4 byte boundary. Passing such a structure without conversion to the host library would cause problems and eventually lead to a crash. As the Vulkan API contains more than 120 structures, we had to spent a lot of time to implement structure and array conversions, which make the 32-bit version slightly slower than the 64-bit version. The final implementation adds about 10.000 lines of code to the Wine Staging code base.

Although this is the first beta version, we are happy to say that this version already passes all (~80300) Khronos Vulkan conformance tests (32 + 64 bit) when using a compliant driver on the host system. We also tested the windows version of the game “The Talos Principle” and various samples from the LunarG SDK and so far, we aren’t aware of any bugs. If you still encounter any issues, feel free to open a bug report. Here is a screenshot showing The Talos Principle running in Wine Staging using the Vulkan option:

Before talking about the smaller additions, there is another important announcement regarding this release. We are aware that a big group of people uses Wine Staging because of the CSMT (command-stream multi-threading) patch-set, and we are glad to see that there is again (slow, but steady) progress to include this feature in the development version of Wine. The whole process also has a downside though. Various design goals have been changed during the up-streaming process and we are currently not aware of any fully functional patch-set, which provides all CSMT features. So far the multi-threading part, which contains the actual performance improvement, is not upstream yet and the remaining patches are getting more and more incompatible. Working around all those problem (which we did in the last releases) is not possible in the long term, and we therefore decided to disable CSMT support in this release. If you depend on this feature, you should not update to Wine Staging 1.9.6. The feature might be available in future versions again, so don’t forget to check the release notes.

As mentioned at the beginning, we also added several smaller fixes. There are several patches to improve the compatibility with Python 3.5 as well as patches to improve Wines gdiplus.dll implementation. Here is the usual list of all changes, without those which already have been accepted upstream:

  • Do not update iosb.Status after FSCTL_PIPE_LISTEN call (Python 3.5)
  • Implement GdipCreateMetafileFromStream (Captvty v3, Wine Bug #40325)
  • Implement support for WICPixelFormat32bppGrayFloat (SlovoEB 2.1, Wine Bug #36517)
  • Fake success in dwmapi.DwmSetWindowAttribute function (Epic Games Launcher)
  • Implement support for Vulkan (Wine Bug #40164)
  • Fix pointer to custom dialog control data (Wine Bug #40303)
  • Populate CA certificate store in registry (Python 3.5)
  • Fix handling of GetOverlappedResult when status remains STATUS_PENDING (Python 3.5)
  • Implement semi-stub for ws2_32 DisconnectEx (Python 3.5)
  • Implement wuauserv dummy service (Python 3.5 installer)
  • Fix handling of INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER in HttpOpenRequestW (Wine Bug #40169)
  • Implement windowscodecs.WICCreateBitmapFromSection(Ex) (Paprika Recipe Manager, Wine Bug #40273)
  • Implement a better stub for IPicture::SaveAsFile (JawsEditor, Wine Bug #8532)
  • Implement query operation in reg.exe (Wine Bug #24017)

MacTricks Wine made easy on macOS…

PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac 4.2.10 have been released

PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac 4.2.10 are now released. Here is the changelog:

  • Wine 1.8 staging is now the default wine version on OSX. The build process has been improved thanks to wine-staging team so that the compiler supports ms_hook_prologue, allowing function hotpatching. This should improve the compatibility of some applications like Steam.
  • Some wine staging instructions have been added so that they are fully supported by the scripts.
  • The wineprefix tab in the configuration panel has been improved.


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